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Dentist in Barnet, providing a wide range of Dentistry services in Barnet

Fillings (incl. white fillings)
Scale and polish
Gum treatments
Root canal treatment
Teeth Extractions
Children’s dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry
Teeth whitening

Dental practice Barnet

I’m Alexander Langdon and I qualified as a dentist in 1983 before setting up my dental practice in Barnet 5 years later.

From the day I opened the practice my intention was to create a warm, friendly environment – a place where patients would feel comfortable discussing their dental health and appearance and agreeing ways to maintain and improve their teeth.

Cosmetic dental services

More than 25 years later I think I’ve managed to meet that goal and I aim to continue for many years to come.

So, for cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, crowns and bridges or routine fillings, root canal and descaling treatments why not get in touch and discuss your dental needs?

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